Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have regarding AGEM.

Marcus Prater
Executive Director, AGEM
P.O. Box 50049
Henderson, NV 89016-0049 USA
Phone: 702.812.6932

Tracy Cohen
Director of Europe, AGEM
Phone: +44 (0)7970 833 543

Connie Jones
Director of Responsible Gaming, AGEM
Phone: 702.528.4374

AGEM Officers Committee Members Committee Members

Thomas A. Jingoli, Konami
- President

Dan Savage, Scientific Games -
First Vice President

David Lucchese, Everi -
Second Vice President

Mark Dunn, Aristocrat -

Tom Nieman, JCM Global -

Steven DiMasi, IGT -
Vice President of Government Relations

Harper Ko, Scientific Games-
Co-General Counsel

Daron Dorsey, Ainsworth -
Co-General Counsel

For information about membership or general inquiries, please contact:

Marcus Prater
Executive Director, AGEM
P.O. Box 50049
Henderson, NV 89016-0049

Phone: 702.812.6932

Marketing Committee

Claudia Baskerville, IGT
Jeri Wiedemer, Scientific Games
Tracey Chernay, TransACT
Linda Trinh, Everi
Tom Nieman, JCM Global
Brian Wedderspoon, CPI
Lauren O'Brien, Aristocrat

Responsible Gaming Committee

Connie Jones, AGEM
Tom Jingoli, Konami
Tom Nieman, JCM Global
Patricia Morelli, GameCo
Vic Gallo, AGS
Millard Reeves, Iverson Gaming Systems
Omer Sattar, Sightline Payments

Investment Committee

Tom Nieman, JCM Global
Tom Jingoli, Konami
Mark Dunn, Aristocrat

Compliance Committee

Tom Jingoli, Konami
Tina Kilmer, Scientific Games
Luke Orchard, IGT
Kathleen Worley, Aristocrat
Vic Gallo, AGS
James Oatman, Everi

Mexico Committee

Carlos Carrion, Aristocrat
Ramiro Salazar, Scientific Games
Agustin Nieto, IGT
Helio Bueno, Ortiz Gaming
Adolfo de los Rios, Metronia

Governmental Affairs Committee

Mark Dunn, Aristocrat
Tom Jingoli, Konami
Steven DiMasi, IGT
Luke Orchard, IGT
Jack McNeill, Scientific Games
Eric Meyerhofer, Gamblit Gaming
Scott Milne, Scientific Games
Dan Little, Aristocrat

Education/Donation Committee

Tom Jingoli, Konami
Tom Nieman, JCM Global
David Lucchese, Everi

Associate Member Committee

Jim Roberts, James Industries
Rodney Hammond, JCS Technologies
Tracey Chernay, TransAct Technologies
Skip Davis, Gary Platt Manufacturing
Tabitha Jackson, YESCO
Eric Abbott, Abbott Law Chartered
Matthew Brown, Iverson Gaming Systems
Levi Stubbs, Camryn Industries

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